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Auto Upholstery

MN Auto Upholstery, located in Warrenton VA has a wealth of experience in Northern Virginia and surrounding areas. Due to our wide client base we have performed just about every type of auto upholstery job you can imagine.


MN can repair all material types from leather auto interiors to cloth and vinyl. We also install car seat covers, headrests, and can repair or recover most any surface in a vehicle’s interior. If your vehicle needs console or arm rest repair, has worn door panels or need a a new headliner, MN Auto Upholstery can do that, too. Older vehicle interiors often need to be restored after years of use as many were made with lower quality fabric. However, you may just be tired of the look of your current interior and want a refreshing new view in your vehicle. Owner Mike Nickens has pretty much “done it all” and this is why we offer many interior options to fit your preferences, style and budget.

Leather and Vinyl

MN Auto Upholstery is the proven expert in leather seat installation, repair and restoration. From a single door panel to an entire leather interior – we can fix anything involving your vehicle’s leather or vinyl interior. We can tackle tears, rips, cigarette burns other types of damage that your leather seats may incur, or if they are just worn and need a full refresh with all new material, we’ll restore them to mint condition.

Automotive Seat Repair

Satisfactory repairs to seats require the experience, care, and knowledge of professional trimmers. Although all seats become worn over time, not all types of wear require an entire seat upholstery replacement. 

In many cases, we can closely match the materials, whether cloth, vinyl or leather.  We remove the seat from the vehicle, disassemble the seat in order to get the cover off the foam cushion, then carefully cut the torn panel out of the seat cover, using the torn piece as a pattern, we draw the panel on the new materials.  Using an industrial sewing machine, we sew the new panel, after backing with foam, into the existing cover. 

If you have more damage to the seat itself, we can make repairs to the foam as well. If you are going to put new material on a seat, you want to make sure the foam is structurally sound for comfort and proper shaping. If you seat requires more panels to be replaced, we can replace as many as needed, right up to reupholstering your entire seat.

Headliners & Sun Visors

Many automotive headliners use a foam-backed fabric glued to a lightweight board. A sagging headliner is unsightly, and typically caused by years of hot temperatures and harmful UV rays which breaks down the foam backing and makes the fabric and adhesive and to deteriorate.

We are your auto headliner repair and replacement specialists, and we can help restore your vehicle’s headliner to factory condition. The way to fix a sagging headliner is to remove the entire board from the vehicle. We then remove the old fabric and cleaning the remaining foam from the headliner board. We then install a new foam backed fabric using a high temperature contact adhesive.

After curing, we then reinstall the headliner in the vehicle as well as all the associated hardware to ensure a factory fit.

No matter what condition your vehicle's interior is in, MN Upholstery can help restore your car's interior to like new again. If you would like to get an estimate, please call Mike at 703-732-8139 or email for assitance.